Ubisoft Montreal Says Developing For PS4 Is Pleasant
PlayStation 4


The PS3 is notorious for being a developer’s nightmare, but the PS4 looks a lot like a PC on the inside. So, it shouldn’t surprise us when developers say that it’s easy to develop for. But Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal, was apparently surprised by the console’s ease.

Mallat spoke to CVG on the matter: “From what we can talk about, which is the PlayStation 4, it’s been a radical change from those guys. PlayStation 4 really comes as a pleasant surprise because indeed it’s a very familiar architecture.”


The developer was able to start working on games like Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag on high-end PC’s. No doubt the similarities between a PC and the PS4 helped make the process easy.

It sounds like the developers are enjoying working with the PS4. This should, in theory, mean better games for the console. 

by Jake Valentine
04/08/2013 03:20PM


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