Thief Locked At 30 FPS On PS4, Xbox 720


Hoping to see Thief at 60 FPS? Sorry. How about 1080p? Think again.

While speaking with, Eidos Montreal producer Stephane Roy said that the game will not run at 60fps. It will run at 30fps, and include a lot of physics-based effects.


"For a shooter it's a no-brainer. The higher the frame rate is, the better it is."..."On my side, the type of game I'm going to work on... I don't want to put extra pressure on the team just because we can do it if it's not a necessity. If the players see nothing different, maybe I would prefer to have better physics and stuff like that and not this 60 frames per second frame rate."

With every new generation of hardware comes a learning curve regarding system capability. Kudos to Eidos Montreal for taking the time to get things right instead of ensuring the game runs at 60fps. 

by Jake Valentine
04/08/2013 03:25PM


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