Irrational Games Offers Alternate BioShock: Infinite Covers
BioShock Infinite


BioShock: Infinite is all about variables and constants. It’s about the choices we make and the results of those choices. So even if Irrational Games released BioShock with a specific cover, we can choose differently.


The official BioShock: Infinite website has released eight alternative cover designs for players to download and print. The cover choices include two versions of Elizabeth, two versions of Elizabeth and Booker together, the Handyman, Songbird, the Murder of Crows vigor, and one where Booker tries to catch Elizabeth while they freefall off of Columbia. The alternate artwork comes with a PDF file that tells you how to print them.

Source: BioShock Infinite Website 

by Angelo D'Argenio
04/09/2013 12:25PM


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