Street Fighter Live Action Series Raising Money On Kickstarter
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Street Fighter: Legacy was the brief, but well-produced, result of director Joey Ansah’s strange crossover concept. Ansah got Capcom’s approval to make an officially sanctioned, short fan-film based in the Street Fighter mythology. It had Ken and Ryu knocking one another around in the woods, with great choreography and crisp production values.

Now, though, Joey Ansah has Capcom’s approval for a whole series, which he has dubbed Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. To that end, he has opened a Kickstarter with a goal of about $950,000.


As the name of the series would imply, Assassin’s Fist is focused on the origins of the Ansatsuken fighters: Ryu, Ken, Gouken, Akuma, and Gotetsu. If the series is successful, there are further plans to continue with a bigger budget sequel that follows the World Warriors storyline from Street Fighter II.

Shooting for the series is currently scheduled to be undertaken over the course of six weeks, though if sufficient funds are raised, Ansah plans to extend the shooting schedule to create a higher quality product.

Source: Kickstarter

by Shelby Reiches
04/09/2013 12:35PM


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