Bethesda: Day-One DLC Complaints
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Well, that escalated quickly.

Bethesda vice president Peter Hines was recently on the OXM Podcast. During his appearance, the topic of day-one DLC came up. I’ll let you read for yourself:

"I mean, certainly the reaction to it is pretty apparent. I'm not sure if I have an exact opinion, because we're not doing it. I try not to get into judging what other folks do, I certainly don't appreciate them chiming in on what we should or shouldn't be doing, particularly because, how would they know. I understand where it's coming from.


I think there is, at least among a certain segment of the gaming audience. I don't think they quite understand the development process and the point at which you have to stop making the game and you have to finish the game. So, the content people stop making new content a fair amount of time before it ships; it's not like in the old days when it was like the day before or a week before."

This news isn’t necessarily news, though, but my initial reaction was “how dare you cut out content just to nickel and dime us.” But I’ve calmed down a little. To a certain extent, content is sometimes cut or scrapped to meet a deadline, and then finished once the game has gone gold and sent out for production.

Does this excuse on-disc DLC? You better believe it doesn’t. 

by Jake Valentine
04/10/2013 04:20PM


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