Bethesda’s Secret Project Gets New Exposure
Bethesda teaser part 2.jpg


In an equally obscure follow-up ploy to the short Vine clip posted yesterday, Bethesda has released a new clip depicting burning sunflowers.

We’ve already covered the rumor-ridden teaser train’s first temptingly short clip showing off barbed wire, records, and a book. And with Fallout out of the maybe list, Wolfenstein is looking more and more promising. Then again, Wolfenstein, a sci-fi based FPS with horror undertones, doesn’t exactly scream “vibrant sunflowers”, burnt or no. 


Bethesda has once again left us entirely to our own machinations, having said absolutely nothing about the clip’s significance. All we’ve got to go on are the words of Pete Hine, who recently tweeted “The plot thickens…” Thanks a lot, Pete.

Is this series of clips teasing a new IP, or hinting at the revival of a paused series? Quite frankly, we have no freaking idea, but we’ll keep you up to speed with the tidbits that Bethesda baits us with.

Source: Shack News

by Austin Wood
04/17/2013 03:00PM


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