Capcom’s Last Fiscal Year Was Terrible
Resident Evil 6


Originally, Capcom expected to post a profit of $66 million for the last fiscal year. However, they’re now greatly lowering that expectation to $29.6 million. That’s an excessive reduction in terms of profit. So, what’s behind the change? Well, according to a report by Eurogamer, there are three reasons. 

The first reason, says Capcom, is a “delayed response to the expanding digital contents market.” I’m not entirely sure what they’re talking about here, but I’m willing to take their word for it. The publisher also claims that there’s “insufficient coordination between the marketing and the game development divisions in overseas markets.” This is a valid critique, but it’s something that they should be able to control. 


What’s their third reason? A “Decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing.”


Capcom developed Resident Evil 6 without any outsourcing, and the game received terrible reviews. The Devil May Cry Reboot was outsourced to Ninja Theory and that title did very well.

So, remind me how outsourcing is the problem?

I’m surprised that their poor DLC strategies and the fact that they’re completely out of touch with their demographic aren’t reasons for the lowered profit expectations. 

by Jake Valentine
04/18/2013 05:25PM


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