BioShock: Infinite Tops March Sales, Software Sales Finally Positive
BioShock: Infinite


The recently-revealed March sales figures show a startling spike in sales for Irrational Games’ newest title which has sold roughly 878,000 units. This figure earns Infinite the flattering title of best-selling March title in the United States and bodes well for the game’s future, leaving its first annual estimate at 4.5 million units. 


Thanks to impressive figures such as this, the industry’s software sales have increased by 2% in March, which shows the first positive net growth since late 2011. This increase has led to a refreshing sense of optimism in the industry among stockholders and gamers alike.

Though Infinite was indisputably the month’s MVP, fourteen other march releases joined the 100,000 and over club as well—a record that also hasn’t been since late 2011.

Source: Gamespot

by Austin Wood
04/19/2013 02:30PM


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