Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Gets Dated


The Kickstarted remake of Leisure Suit Larry was originally slated for a May release. However, Eurogamer has a conflicting story. According to a recent article, the game will be coming sometime in June and will retail for £14.99 or approximately 23 US dollars.

Eurogamer did not provide a source for their information. And as far as the original Kickstarter site says, the game is still coming out in May. It’s a confusing situation to be sure—especially because neither the June release window, as stated by Eurogamer, or the “May” release window, which we had previously heard about, mention any sort of concrete date.


The best theory we have right now? Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded will come out in the moth of May for American territories and will hit European shelves in June. However, all of this is just speculation. Hopefully we will receive clarification very soon.

Source: Eurogamer

by Angelo D'Argenio
04/22/2013 03:15PM


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