Nintendo Expecting To Post Significant Losses


Nintendo, apparently, hasn’t been doing so hot. President Satoru Iwata is set to announce a 18.7 billion yen loss for the last financial year. This is quite the setback, considering that the Wii U, was supposed to be Nintendo’s meal ticket. v


Analysts are also projecting a 70 billion yen profit for this fiscal year, but you should probably take that with a grain of salt and a pile of skepticism. The Wii U has not been popular, and this year Sony and Microsoft are pushing the PlayStation 4 and the Durango. Unless Nintendo can score a killer app within the next year, a 70 billion yen profit is unlikely. Then again, maybe Nintendo does have something huge up their sleeve. A new Smash Brothers would certainly give the Wii U a boost.

That being said, Iwata has promised a 100 billion yen profit for the coming fiscal year, which seems ludicrous. The 3DS alone, though successful, cannot hope to raise that much money.

Source: Bloomberg

by Angelo D'Argenio
04/23/2013 12:45PM


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