We’ll Be Hearing About A New XCOM Soon
XCOM: Enemy Unknown


The new What Happened in ‘62 trailer suggests that the XCOM series will be seeing a new installment soon enough. Although, a kid riding a red bike for fifteen seconds isn’t exactly a launch announcement, the hidden message, “APR 26 – 2K” that is secretly tucked away to the right of the video (at 0:15, for the nosy ones out there) implies that we’ll be hearing more about the game this Friday. 


The XCOM series has an interesting history, so there’s actually no guarantee that this announcement will be as simple as a new game. Recent turmoil over the game’s content take-down suggests that the IP will be switching hands, and we don’t even know if we’ll be getting a new FPS or strategy title out of the deal, so there’s still plenty of room for what-ifs.

Luckily, 2K will probably have plenty to say later this week.

Source: Shack News

by Austin Wood
04/23/2013 02:25PM


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