The Next Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Will Come Out April 30th


Rockstar Games has a notorious history for being secretive with games that they develop. Every so often, we’re given a little nugget of information to chew on, and that’s supposed to wide us over until a year has gone by. Grand Theft Auto V is the perfect example of this. The initial trailer debuted November 2nd, 2011. The second trailer came out November 14th, 2012.

We won’t have to wait a whole year for the third trailer, however. It’ll be released April 30th. Still, that’s a five month wait.


Rockstar will be nice enough to give us a total of three trailers next week, one for each of the game’s playable characters. Michael appears to be the “leader” of the group. Trevor is the exact opposite; he’s a loose cannon ready to explode at any second. Franklin, the third character, appears to be attempting to make a change in his life.

April 30th is only five days away, so the wait shouldn’t be too bad. 

by Jake Valentine
04/25/2013 03:30PM


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