Blizzard And MLG Address WCS Qualifier Concerns


Last week’s North American qualifiers for the 2013 World Championship Series had a fair share of controversy. Today, both Blizzard Entertainment and Major League Gaming addressed some of the concerns that were presented.

The biggest concern was the possibility of cheating. MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni apologized to the StarCraft II community for the issues. The cheater in question is a player named PhysicsLee. There was suspicion of maphacking, cheating, and account sharing during the qualifier. After an investigation, both Blizzard and MLG punished guilty parties by disqualifying them. PhysicsLee has also been banned from both the ladder and future WCS competition. Anyone beaten by a confirmed cheater will be able to compete in the Open Qualifier for the Challenger League.


More controversy arose when the player DeMusliM was not invited to either the North American or European qualifier. The official response is that DeMusliM did not perform well enough in 2012 to warrant an invite. 

Source: GameSpot

by Jake Valentine
04/25/2013 03:35PM


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