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Recently, rumors about the upcoming XCOM-based shooter and it’s rebranding were spreading around the Internet. Well the rumors were only half right—as they usually tend to be. 2K Games has now announced The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, the new XCOM shooter that’s set for release this August.

The game is a squad-based shooter with some interesting RPG elements. Taking place during JFK’s presidency in the midst of a sudden alien attack, The Bureau will put you in control of William Carter, the leader of an organization that acts as the first line of defense against the alien threat.


However, The Bureau isn’t like most modern day shooters. Instead, it’s almost like an up close and personal XCOM experience. Dodging bullets and finding cover will only help you so much. Instead, the game rewards you for coming up with ingenious strategies, like taking choke points and flanking the enemy. Terrain will play a huge role in your battle against the aliens. Since they have many more troops with much more powerful equipment, you’ll have to think you’re way through the maps.

As you play the game, your squad mates will level up and gain new techniques. You’ll also be able to salvage alien technology in order to increase your squad’s strength. Unfortunately, your squad mates are always as risk, because death in The Bureau is permanent. If your strongest squadmate takes a bullet to the head, you will lose him for the rest of the game.

Thus far, The Bureau is looking to be quite an interesting title. We will likely get a chance to try the game out at E3 this year. Stay posted for our full preview.

Source: Game Informer

by Angelo D'Argenio
04/26/2013 12:50PM


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