Meet EVR, From The Developers Of EVE: Online
EVE Online: Dominion


When one thinks of EVE: Online, they’re less likely to consider the endless menus, mining, trading, and corporate machinating that comprise the bulk of the game and more likely to immediately picture the massive, fleet-against-fleet battles. Multi-colored weaponry flies in every direction as once-great vessels detonate and crumple in the vacuum of space.


EVE already has a planet-based FPS add-on coming next month in the way of DUST 514, but it appears that CCP is now experimenting with another high-octane genre: space combat. Akin to classics like Wing Commander and X-Wing, EVR is CCP’s latest tech demo. It was shown at their recent fan fest and the trailer for it has made its way to YouTube, where it appears to put a player in the midst of one of EVE’s normally abstracted space battles, at the helm of a fast-moving fighter. The demo was created as an experiment with the Oculus Rift, a headset that doubles as both a 3D display and a head tracker, allowing for one to reflexively shift one’s viewing angle.

It’s not yet known whether this is a project CCP will pursue, or just a one-off proof of concept, but with Chris Roberts back in the game with Star Citizen, it appears there may once again be fertile ground for space combat games.

Source: YouTube

by Shelby Reiches
04/29/2013 02:15PM


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