Game & Wario Will Be Affordable
Game & Wario


The Warioware franchise is known for its zany, frantic mini-games. While enjoyed by some, such as myself, others often have a hard time justifying the game’s purchase price. However, when Game & Wario launches this June on the Wii U, fans won't have this dilemma, because the game's price will only be $39.99.

Despite the lower price tag, there are some concerns that the game still won't feature enough content, because there are only 16 mini-games and few mutliplayer options. Though, Japanese magazine Famitsu gave the G&W 31 out of 40 possible points, so it must be pretty decent. 


The basic tone I've seen from people who have picked up the game in Japan is that it's enjoyable, yet doesn't necessarily meet the expectations of the Warioware franchise. We'll be able to judge for ourselves this June.

Source: Nintendo Everything

by Jake Valentine
04/29/2013 03:35PM


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