Metal Gear Rising DLC Launch Date Confirmed For US
Metal Gear Rising: Revengance


The third and final piece of DLC for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was originally announced for Japan, but is also heading to the states on May 14th. The $9.99 price tag remains unchanged, but we have learned a bit more about what we’ll be slicing to bits.

We’ll be playing through the Blade Wolf DLC as LQ-84i, a robotic canine armed with a chainsaw, clawed tail, and who knows what else PlatinumGames threw in. Blade Wolf will act as a prequel to the core game, explaining 84i’s past leading up to his partnership with Raiden. 


Supposedly offering several hours of gameplay, as well as an “all-new” boss fight, the story of man’s metal best friend looks like quite the bargain.

Source: Shacknews

by Austin Wood
04/30/2013 02:45PM


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