RUMOR: Microsoft Is Behind In The Next-Generation Race
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In spite of the hype generated by Microsoft’s upcoming next gen announcement, a recent report claims that Microsoft is woefully behind on development for the Xbox 720. With an estimated six month lag on many next-generation titles, Sony’s PS4 seems to be the clear winner of the technological arms race—at least for now.

A report from Kotaku also stated that Microsoft canceled several of the 720’s projects altogether, leaving Respawn Entertainment’s unconfirmed shooter, the new Forza, and Crytek’s Ryse as the impromptu poster children of the coming system. 


Thankfully, Microsoft’s May 21st event is poised to clear up the rumors of rumors that we’ve been going on for months now. However, the delayed announcement of their launch lineup does little to stave off claims that the system is underprepared and doomed to flop.

Source: Gamespot

by Austin Wood
04/30/2013 02:50PM


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