Wii U Price Dips In North America
Wii U


With all the buzz over the Wii U’s staggering price drops in Europe, it seems like it’s finally time for North America to get in on the price-cutting action. Amazon appears to be the first retailer to oblige, having just today dropped the price of the base Wii U console.

The basic set now retail for $279.99, a reduction of $20. Amazon helpfully informs us that this is a seven percent drop. The deluxe set, meanwhile, continues to retail for the same price as it has since launch.


Why such a disparity in price between European Wii U retailers and their North American counterparts? Could it have to do with a sales disparity between the regions? Perhaps it’s tied to Nintendo’s historically poor support of their European market. Even adjusting for the exchange rate, the UK’s £149 basic set is still almost $50 shy of the price in the United States.

Source: Gameranx

by Shelby Reiches
05/03/2013 12:35PM


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