Final Fantasy XIII Players Get Beta Access To Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV


Now that Final Fantasy XIV has a release date, fans of the previous installments are raving for a sneak peek. Funnily enough, many of them have been sitting on their opportunity without even knowing about it.

Tucked away with first-print copies of FFXIII was a voucher for bonus content in XIV. However, the code is more valuable than any in-game item or pre-order bonus, because it significantly improves a player’s chance of gaining access to the coming beta period (which will be live on PC and PS3 for the first time). 


So start digging, Final Fantasy fans. The forgotten piece of trash that you thought was an advertisement holds the key to your FFXIV experience. Luckily, good ol’ Square will help you out in that regard, as long as you’ve registered FFXIII to your Square Enix Members account.

But I’m sure everyone remembered to do that, right?

Well, if you still have the document, North American gamers can sign up for the beta period here:

UK and PAL gamers, head here:


Source: Siliconera 

by Austin Wood
05/03/2013 02:55PM


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