Devil’s Third Not Dead Yet
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In the wake of THQ’s bankruptcy and closure, it was almost forgotten that the publisher had fairly recently cancelled its plans to bring Devil’s Third, the first game from Tomonobu Itagaki’s Valhalla Game Studios, to market. In fact, Valhalla and Itagaki had been conspicuously silent about the game since its initial reveal, showing very little beyond a brief trailer of what was presumed to be gameplay, pegging the title as a third person shooter.


Itagaki’s birthday recently passed, though, and the team celebrated with a “hanami” party, as indicated by an image posted to the studio’s website along with a message that ends by telling everyone, “Please do look forward to our next challenge, DEVIL’S THIRD!”

It would appear that, in spite of almost total radio silence from its developers, Devil’s Third is still alive and in production. One has to wonder, though: with a name like Itagaki’s behind it, why is it having such difficulty finding a new publisher?

Source: BabySoft MuderHands

by Shelby Reiches
05/06/2013 01:25PM


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