Dragon’s Crown Gets A Much Needed Explanation
Dragon's Crown


The coming release of Dragon’s Crown has seen minimal coverage recently, with only a few character reveals livening up the silence. I like explosive magicians and comically endowed sorceresses as much as the next guy, but fans have been craving some hard facts regarding the game’s RPG mechanics. Thankfully, a new preview from IGN has provided just that.


Here are the high points from their hands-on time with the game:

  • The character-select screen is a Camelot round-table featuring the six current characters. Potential DLC characters will likely be accessed separately.
  • The town offers the usual nuts and bolts of RPGs like shops and guilds to facilitate your multiplayer adventures.
  • As your character becomes stronger, so will the game’s enemies. This scaling has been taken a step further than the typical level matching, as there will also be more enemies as your level increases.
  • The game is far from a cakewalk, and the intense difficulty demands creativity from the player in combat. Also, each level will end with a powerful boss fight.
  • The game will offer stage-dependent mounts that will further diversify the combat by adding unique abilities to the mix, such as a fire-breathing Griffin.
  • Items are held by a shady little companion that follows your avatar around.
  • The base stats are: HP, MP, Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Magical Resistance, and Luck.


Source: Gematsu

by Austin Wood
05/07/2013 11:40PM


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