Sony Reports Declining Gaming Sales, Vita At The Forefront
PlayStation 4


The numbers are rolling in with Sony following Capcom’s recent financial recap with some impressive figures of their own. Holistically, Sony is performing very well—reporting a 4.7% increase in total sales from the previous year. However, their PlayStation division has seen universal decline.

Gaming sales have declined by more than 12%, with operating profits seeing a more drastic decline from $310 million to a mere $18 million. Lower hardware sales, coupled with a sharp drop in PSP sales were given blame for the low turnout. 


The launch of the PS Vita has done little to encourage the sector, and makes the recent handheld appear all but worthless. The console was poised to stimulate both negative figures (hardware sales and PSP sales) through its PSN functionality and bundle rereleases, but has clearly failed.

Sony has also commented that they expect the PS4 to improve figures across the board.

Source: Gamesindustry

by Austin Wood
05/09/2013 04:10PM


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