Pokemon X And Y Travels To France
Pokemon X & Y


Remember how Pokemon Black and White was set in a Pokemon version of New York? Well, now we know that Pokemon X and Y’s will take place in France. The new region, named Karos, shares many geographic similarities to France and even has its own Eiffel Tower. The Pokemon version of Paris is called Miare City in the Japanese version, but this may change in the English translation.

Several new details about the upcoming Pokemon game have also been revealed. For example, Pokemon can now be used as mounts. This may be replacing the game’s iconic Bicycle as a way to get around without encountering fights. 


Also, players will be able to choose from multiple versions of both the male and female trainer models in the game. Unfortunately, the only real difference is the color of the trainer’s hair, but at least it gives the player a degree of customizability that they haven’t had before.

Finally, according to Eurogamer, several new species of Pokemon have been revealed as well. They are: “Elikiteru, a droopy-eared electric lizard, Yayakoma, a small bird like a robin, Yancham, a mischevious panda, and Gogoat, the goat-esque creature that the player character is shown riding.”

Source: Eurogamer

by Angelo D'Argenio
05/13/2013 12:15PM


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