Double Fine Seeks To Get Its Rights Back
Brutal Legend


The development studio of all things quirky, Double Fine, has been fairly active lately. Their games recently graced the Humble Bundle (including Broken Age, their upcoming adventure game) and now CEO Tim Schafer is trying to regain the distribution rights to most of the company’s back catalogue.

Specifically, Double Fine is attempting to acquire Costume Quest and Stacking, which were picked up by Nordic Games Publishing in the wake of THQ’s bankruptcy; Brütal Legend, which is still under the EA flag; and Iron Brigade, which Microsoft still holds the rights.


“We can still make more of those games,” said Schafer of Costume Quest and Stacking.

Despite a cult following and a classic pedigree, Double Fine has remained a fairly small studio, which is the reason they sought help in publishing their earlier titles, but it has also allowed them to appeal to the Kickstarter crowd. It was their Kickstarter for a point-and-click adventure game that seemed to open the floodgates for high-profile Kickstarter games

Source: Game Informer

by Shelby Reiches
05/13/2013 02:10PM


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