The Witcher 2 Development Tools Released
The Witcher 2


Last week, we told you that the development tools for The Witcher 2 would be released soon.

Turns out it was sooner than we realized, as CD Projekt has made them available today.

The REDkit toolset is currently in open beta, and can be downloaded free of charge. You can head over to the official site and download them if you’re thinking about modding The Witcher 2 or perhaps creating your own RPG.  


“For CD Projekt RED, RPGs are all about telling amazing stories. We want to give players the power to tell the same kind of non-linear, branching stories that made The Witcher games so popular,” CD Projekt RED’s Adam Badowski said.

The release of the development tools even came with a trailer.


by Jake Valentine
05/13/2013 03:45PM


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