Diablo III Auction House Back Online
Diablo III


Now that Blizzard has resolved the gold exploit, Diablo III Production team leader John Hight took to the game’s forums to announce that the Auction Houses and gold trading are now back online.

While Blizzard thought about doing a complete rollback to the state of the game before the exploit, they decided that it wasn’t fair to those who didn’t take place in the exploit.

“Many players made significant accomplishments in the game that required time and dedication, and we felt it was worth the work involved to try to preserve these efforts and go after the exploiters instead,” Hight said in the forum post.


Blizzard is making sure all legitimate Auction House transactions are completed. Those who did take place in the exploit will be, naturally, suspended or banned. In addition, proceeds from their sale, as well as the transaction fee, will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Source: Blizzard Forums

by Jake Valentine
05/13/2013 03:45PM


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