Monaco Used To Have Competitive Multiplayer
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine


The indie co-op hit Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine used to have a competitive multiplayer feature. The game’s thieves would work both against the law and each other.

Those that have played the game may have noticed that this wasn’t in the final game, due to the fact that it was cut during development. 

“We got them to playable, but we discovered that for both modes the balance didn’t really work within the existing levels,” Pocketwatch Games’ Andy Schatz said. The two modes were “Cops and Robbers” and “Thief vs. Thief.”


“There are some interesting challenges with both that we never fully figured out,” he continued. “In thief vs. thief, players could go to different floors and were trying to collect the most coins before getting the trophy and escaping first. But we found that the thief that got out in front early just sucked up all the coins, which reinforced his advantage. So we introduced colored coins: coins that could only be picked up by you. But in the end we felt like there really wasn’t enough interaction between players for it to feel fun.”

Members of the development team would like to bring back some of that cut content, with a larger preference for Cops and Robbers.


05/14/2013 05:50PM


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