Defiance Kicks Off First Major Interactive Event


The promise since Defiance was first announced was that events in the game would have the potential to affect the television series, allowing players some form of potential agency and, hopefully, greater investment in the proceedings. It seems the first such event is kicking off this month, following on the most recent episode of the show, in which a new antagonist, Rynn, attempted to turn loose thousands of Hellbugs on the unsuspecting populace.

She was arrested, but she escaped. Now, she’s loose in the world of the MMO, as part of an event dubbed “Hellbug Season.” Players can tackle the seemingly endless swarms of the beasties in hopes of recapturing Rynn, which will cause her to appear on the show once again.


The success or failure of this even will give us an idea of the future success of Definace's ambitious endeavour. 

Source: MMO Attack

05/15/2013 07:25PM


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