Microsoft Nixes Points Currency


The Microsoft Points system, since its inception, has been a consistent sticking point for Xbox Live subscribers. Rarely do the items one can purchase match up with the increments one must buy points in, resulting in a hot dogs vs. hot dog buns scenario in which the player is always just a little short or has a smattering of useless points left over. The intent has likely been to encourage impulse purchases of the smaller ticket items, but points can instead rest, unused, in one’s account for months or even years.


Thankfully, Microsoft seems to be ready to learn from its competitors. Points are reportedly to be replaced with a gift card system, while standard credit and debit card transactions will be available as well, allowing players to spend only as much as they actually desire. This is, in part, a step toward unifying Microsoft’s online and brick and mortar presence across devices. The new gift card system will apparently be unveiled close to E3.

Source: The Verge

05/16/2013 02:55PM


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