New Elder Scrolls Online Trailer Promises Fish Catching And Resource Gathering
The Elder Scrolls: Online


Bethesda has recently released a brand new dev diary detailing The Elder Scrolls Online’s resource system. Barrels and boxes strewn about town won’t just be parts of the environment; they will be filled with items like apples or lumber. According to Bethesda “these aren’t useless items”. Nearly everything is a part of some recipe and you will be able to craft items as soon as you enter the game.

The dev dairy also went on to explain more about the game—from lockpicking to sorcery to increasing your stats with magical items. It also gave us a few tidbits about the fishing system, which will allow you to capture different types of fish depending on the types of bait you use! The devs encourage you to have fishing competitions with your friends. 


I know that’s what I’m going to spend all my time doing in The Elder Scrolls Online. All that sorcery and saving the world? That’s for chumps. Fishing is where it’s at.

Source: Zenimax Youtube

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Angelo M. D'Argenio

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Date: 05/17/2013

05/17/2013 11:40AM


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