RUMOR: Final Fantasy Versus XIII On Display At E3?
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


In a bit of long­shot speculation, Shane Bettenhausen of SCEA has stoked the internet’s fanboy flames with a tweet indicating that his “E3 anticipation just increased by 13%.”

That’s an oddly specific, and fairly marginal, number, Mr. Bettenhausen. In fact, it may bear certain significance, as one of the most exciting games on Sony’s docket, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, has not been shown in any form in years. This is in spite of assurances by Square Enix that the title, which bears little if any relation to Final Fantasy XIII itself, is still in production.


Accusations of vaporware have flown freely. Showing Versus XIII at E3, if it’s lives up to fan anticipation in any capacity, would be a perfect way to get fans incredibly stoked, and provide Sony with a ton of good will going into the PlayStation 4 launch.

It won’t pay to get too excited just yet, though. It could just be a random number. It could also be Lightning Returns (though that’s not PlayStation exclusive, so probably not).

Source: Twitter

05/17/2013 02:00PM


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