Ubisoft Reveals Watch Dogs’ Pre-Order Bonuses


With Watch Dogs’ November 19th release date fast approaching, it’s no surprise that Ubisoft has drawn the veil on the open-world adventure’s pre-order bonuses. However, instead of the typical in-game cosmetic item or throwaway weapon, the game’s retailer-specific bonuses look to be surprisingly valuable.

Amazon buyers will gain access to the Signature Shot Pack. Aptly named, this bonus includes a unique mission that unlocks the Biometric Assault Rifle, which may only be used by the first user to grip its handle. Paired with the pack’s Black Viceroy outfit, Amazon is poised to make the game’s techy protagonist a bit more combative. 


GameStop on the other hand, is offering the Palace Pack, which offers an advantage in the form of finesse. Players will still be given a few exclusive side missions, but they’ll be seeing an ATM hack boost which yields improved cash rewards over a new weapon. 

Source: Shacknews

05/20/2013 04:55PM


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