Origin Experienced An Unexpected Downtime
Battlefield 4


EA’s much beleaguered distribution platform, Origin, was taken offline earlier today in what the company had dubbed “unexpected downtime.” The issue has seen some users locked out of their Origin accounts and incapable of using the online functionality in certain titles.

A post on EA’s help desk, since taken down, indicated that this could impact one’s access to various Origin services, including forum posts and Origin Game Advisors. It presently appears that the servers are back up, as Origin is once again accessible


No official word from EA, yet, as to the cause of the outage. Given the DDoS attack on the Battlefield 3 servers earlier this month, though, it certainly seems possible that a malicious individual or group may have targeted the publisher’s servers. There’s little love lost between EA and the Hacktivist community, after all.

Source: Videogamer

by Shelby Reiches
05/21/2013 05:05PM


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