Skullgirls Tackling Japanese Arcades


Skullgirls, the independently produced fighting game that has recently seen massive Kickstarter success, has become the perennial star of a series of almost unbelievable underdog tales. First, the fact that it even exists is a minor miracle, as it’s an asset-intensive 2D fighting game produced by a small team for the downloadable space. Secondly, it drew such tremendous attention with a Kickstarter focused on a new character that there is now an entire selection of new fighters on the way. It’s so well balanced that it’s even shown up in tournament play.

Next up? Japanese arcades.


Notoriously selective, Skullgirls’ penetration of the Japanese arcade scene is particularly poignant because it’s a Western production, rather than a natively Japanese project. In a way, this offers the title still greater legitimacy, as though that weren’t already affirmed by all of the victories it has already won.

Source: Hardcore Gamer

by Shelby Reiches
05/21/2013 05:10PM


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