Kingdom Hearts III Story And Worlds Teased
Kingdom Hearts III



We saw approximately none percent of newly announced Kingdom Hearts 3 during Square Enix’s spot at Sony’s E3 conference, but the title alone is good enough for most. It was only in the veritable after-party that some of the finer details were wrung out of the developers, and even they were painfully vague.


However, we’ve at least got a lead on the game’s plot: Sora will return with Goofy and Donald at his side, while Riku will be partnered with Mickey in a search for the “Seven Guardians of Light” and the “Key to Return Hearts.” In a “shocking” development, series antagonist Xehanort is up to his usual skullduggery, this time hell-bent on warring against the light. 


Shinji Hashimoto was also able to confirm that KH3 will add entirely new worlds to the Kingdom Hearts mix. Whether or not the worlds will be strictly Disney adaptations, as the series’ history suggests, was left unanswered, leaving Pixar inclusions entirely plausible. 

Source: Siliconera

06/12/2013 06:25PM


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