PS+ Multiplayer Revenue To Be Used For PSN Improvements


Though it’s big news at this point, you rock-dwellers out there should know that PS4 multiplayer will require a PlayStation Plus subscription. This was revealed at Sony’s E3 press conference, but has only recently been detailed by Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida (reported by CVG): ‘We decided that on PS4, because we want to continue to invest and improve our new services, we’ve asked the most engaged consumers in the online activities to share the burden with us so that we can continue to invest.” Yoshida went on to explain that offering the service for free on PS4 would hinder their ability to provide “very robust and great online services going forward.” 





Yoshida had more to say on the subject, “On PS4, the online connectivity features such as second screen, auto downloads, and share features—these are one big pillar of the PS4 experience...and we will continue to invest in this area to expand and improve these online features and services.” 


In response to the slight resentment among the PlayStation population, Yoshida clarified that Sony “will continue the free access to online play on PS3 and Vita.” The president also confirmed that “In addition to that we add one digital game every month, so they get high quality indie games as well on top of what they get on PS3 and Vita.”

Source: Shacknews



06/13/2013 01:40PM


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