PS4 Pre-Orders Winning On Amazon, Sony Raises Sales Predictions


Sony has repeatedly stated that it expects the PlayStation 4 to prove profitable from day one, as opposed to the PS3, which was designed to overtake unit-for-dollar losses in later software sales. Now it seems, after the critical success of their E3 press conference and the system’s warm reception, that Sony has raised the financial bar for the PS4 one step further.


PlayStation boss Andrew House spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the company’s raised projection, but was unable to detail a precise unit count. However, House did go on to suggest that “Demand may well outstrip supply.”

House’s optimism matches up with the situation at online retailer Amazon, whose PS4 pre-orders are currently outpacing orders for the Xbox One by a considerable margin. The sudden spike in Sony popularity is presumably due to its public unveiling of a consumer- and developer-friendly approach to trade and online restrictions and DRMs.

Source: Gamespot

06/13/2013 05:40PM


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