PS4 To Offer Cloud Integration To All Developers


Cloud gaming has become a buzzword for the next generation of games, and it seems that Sony has applied their “developer-centric” gaming approach to the cloud as well. Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios recently confirmed that PS4 developers will be able to utilize the PS4’s Gaikai-powered cloud network as a means of alleviating calculation strain—effectively offloading details to another source of computation. 


On the topic of always-on functionality for online-based games, Yoshida stated that Sony simply doesn’t “believe every title needs that.” However, he continued, “if your title needs [an] online connection to provide some online features: Go for it.” As such, Sony believes that developers won’t have any adoption issues for any form of PS4 game. However, there will be technological limitations that will limit the scale of processing that can be offloaded to the cloud.

Source: Develop-online

06/13/2013 06:00PM


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