Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Game Price
Xbox One

One of the things that gamers have been worried about regarding the next generation of consoles is the price of games. Some analysts have said that increased development costs could push games above a seventy dollar price tag. Luckily, Microsoft has confirmed that this will not be the case with the Xbox One.

Microsoft has confirmed that first party games will cost $59.99 on the Xbox One, the same as they do on the 360. Note, that this is only for first party titles. Publishers of third party games can still charge more if they wish. Also note that this does not apply to online titles, indie titles, or collector’s editions. This is just a baseline for first party titles.

The Xbox One will retail for a whopping $499, a hundred dollars more than the PS4. However, the PS4 won’t come with a motion camera (it has to be purchased separately) so you could assume that extra hundred dollars is going toward the Kinect 2. Sony also hasn’t revealed the pricing for their first party games yet, though. So, there’s still a chance that gamers will have to shell out a little extra on that system.

Source: GameZone

by Angelo D'Argenio
06/17/2013 12:45PM


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