Do Assassin’s Creed And Watch_Dogs Have Crossover Potential?

Both are open-world action games. Both have near-future sci-fi elements. Both are developed and published by Ubisoft and its studios, but Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed have very distinct flavors. Still, the question remains: are they set in the same universe?

In an interview with Elder Geek, Ubisoft’s Game Director, Ashraf Ismail, played coy when asked about any kind of a connection between the two games (such as sharing a universe). “I don’t wanna ruin the surprise for people,” he said, “I don’t want to give anything away, but for the people who love both games, for the people who will play both games, there are some Easter eggs.” He goes on to promise that these will “blow your mind.”

Perhaps we’re looking at a casual nod, much like the presence of the Ultor Corporation across Volition’s Red Faction and Saints Row properties. I could see Abstergo being a factor in both games.


Source: Coin Pixels

by Shelby Reiches
06/17/2013 12:55PM


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