Crackdown Will Return At The Right Time
Crackdown 2

The original Crackdown, a game that most people purchased because it included entrance to the Halo 3 beta, turned out to be a very enjoyable and successful game. Its sequel, Crackdown 2, was not enjoyable. Still, fans have been wondering if we’ll ever see the franchise return. Microsoft Game Studios executive Phil Spencer says that might happen in the future

“Crackdown is important to me,” he said. “Given right team and time it’s a franchise I’d like to see return.”

Yes, the right team is very important given Crackdown 2’s failure. As for the right time, it’d sure be a nice way to help continue a strong Xbox One exclusive lineup. Perhaps we’ll see it next year? One can hope…


by Jake Valentine
06/17/2013 02:50PM


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