Nintendo Wants To Make Games People Won’t Sell
Mario Kart 8

What’s the best way to combat the used game market? Well, Nintendo’s solution has been to release games people won’t want to sell. As Microsoft and Sony skirt around the used game/DRM issue, Nintendo isn’t even coming close to approaching it.

“The best possible countermeasure against people buying used product is making the kind of product that people never want to sell,” Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told IGN. “Taking as an example Mario Kart or Smash Bros., even though you might think, ‘I’ve done enough with this,” you still have second thoughts. ‘Wait a minute. If one of my friends comes over, I might need this again.’ You’re never going to want to sell these games. That’s something that always occupies your minds. We need to make software that players don’t want to sell.”

Iwata said that any type of used games restrictions never crossed his mind. In addition, he seemed disappointed that E3 2013 seemed to focus about DRM policies instead of, you know, the games themselves.

"We’re competing with each other in terms of who’s creating the most fun games," Iwata continued. "Unfortunately, however, as I saw the reports dispatched from E3 this year, they’re pretty much occupied by talk about which machine is more friendly to used games, or which machine is $100 cheaper than the other. I’m sorry that we’re missing the most important discussion – about video games."


by Jake Valentine
06/19/2013 06:05PM


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