Xbox 180 Renews Demand For Publishing Rights

Although Microsoft’s recent Xbox One announcement seems to have overcome many consumer complaints regarding DRM and used games, the issue of publishing limitations remains. Shortly after Don Mattrick’s ‘Xbox 180’ hit the net, this was highlighted en mass through twitter by a horde of indie developers—all asking for self-publication on the Xbox One’s Xbox Live Arcade.

Unfortunately, the current direction of Microsoft’s next-gen XBLA isn’t exactly geared towards indie support. In fact, Microsoft recently announced that the indie gaming section of the Arcade would be removed all together.

At present, the PlayStation Network is clearly the more desirable indie outlet. But hey, Microsoft inverted nearly everything else, so who’s to say that they won’t incorporate self-publishing in the coming months?

Source: develop-online

by Austin Wood
06/20/2013 04:25PM


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