New Watch Dogs Gameplay Video Reveals How Multiplayer Will Be Executed

Ever since Watch Dogs was revealed at E3 2012 (yes, a year ago), Ubisoft has been saying that you will be able to hack other players’ games in a multiplayer experience that basically overlays itself with the single-player. However, the details about Watch Dogs’s multiplayer, until today, have been pretty fuzzy. Today an official gameplay video was released that showed off the player vs player interactions.

The experience starts with a warning that flashes on the screen saying that you are being hacked. At that point, a progress bar starts filling up in the upper left corner of the screen, and it is up to you to find the hacker and stop him before the bar fills. If you find him, the hacker will still have a chance to run away or fight back, hacking the environment, stealing cars, and discharging fire-arms just like you do. At that point it’s kill or be killed…. or run away.

From the other end, hacking another player is kind of like a high-stakes game of hide and seek. When you drop into another player’s game, first you have to find them. Then, to start the hacking process, you have to begin a download while staying in range of them the whole time. You’ll need to stay out of sight until the download is complete. If you are spotted, then the game becomes a fight or flight scenario.

Source: Geek Mundo

by Angelo D'Argenio
06/21/2013 12:40PM


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