Microsoft To Put $700 Million Towards Data Center For Xbox One Cloud
Xbox One

Having already boasted that they’ll be putting $1 billion towards Xbox One exclusives, it’s clear that Microsoft isn’t pulling any punches for the next generation as they’ve now confirmed their new Iowan data center, a $700 million project, with the Des Moines Register. Luckily, Microsoft general manager of data services Christian Belady was able to confirm further details beyond the center’s previous name: “Project Mountain.”

“The expansion supports the growing demand for Microsoft’s cloud services,” Belady said. This reflects the news that, despite the system’s drastic policy changes, the Xbox One will offer heavy cloud integration to all developers in an effort to alleviate computational strain and improve game specifications. Commenting on the significance of the project, Belady asserted that the new Iowa center is Microsoft’s “latest in efficient data center thinking.”


Source: Gamespot

by Austin Wood
06/24/2013 03:50PM


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