OUYA Sells Out At Major Retailers

The OUYA, which has just launched through major retail channels such as GameStop and Amazon, appears to have already sold out of its initial run. Listings at those retailers have the $99 console pegged as “Temporarily Out of Stock” or “Not available.”

Given some of the company’s recent struggles, both with initially underwhelming press impressions and the shenanigans at E3, it seemed as though the device that helped lead the Kickstarter revolution may quietly fade into obscurity.

To temper the excitement over seemingly stellar initial sales, though, it’s worth noting that we don’t yet know the reasons for this scarcity. Perhaps few units were ordered, or there could be production issues preventing the delivery of requested shipments. It’s definitely worth waiting until we have the full picture before jumping to conclusions as to what this entails, but for now it looks as though we can be cautiously optimistic.

Source: Gaming Target

by Shelby Reiches
06/25/2013 03:50PM


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