Nintendo Isn’t Leaving The Hardware Business

The Wii U’s software-starved state has triggered a nigh-unanimous mentality that Nintendo is better off without hardware, and should instead focus on the handheld market and their trademarked first-party titles. However, Nintendo clearly opposes leaving the console market, Nintendo of America senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta recently explained: “Nintendo systems come to life the best when the hardware and software work in perfect harmony. That’s why we’re still in the hardware business, because we think our hardware is the best way to bring software to life.” 

The Wii U’s biggest advantage against other next-gen systems is its dual-screen functionality, similar to that of the 3DS. However, this is becoming less unique in the hardware market. Sony has firmly advocated cross-play and control compatibility between the Vita and PS4, and third-party developers like Ubisoft and DICE are adding tablet and/or phone support for games like Watch_Dogs and Battlefield 4.

In response to this trend, Scibetta commented, “When you talk about other companies utilizing a second screen, for us we wanted to have it built right in, that ensures that the software comes to life the way it was intended to be by the designer.”

Source: Shacknews

by Austin Wood
06/26/2013 03:10PM


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