Zeboyd Ditching Microsoft For Muddled Indie Policy

Zeboyd Games is one of the celebrated successes of the indie gaming scene, a developer whose first game, Breath of Death VII, is a veteran of the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace. Their subsequent effort, Cthulhu Saves The World drew tremendous critical attention and paved the way for their collaboration with Penny-Arcade to create episodes 3 and 4 of On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, done in their trademark 16-bit JRPG style.

With their next game, Cosmic Star Heroine, announced, Zeboyd is looking at its next generation platform options and has decided that Microsoft no longer provides an indie-friendly environment. This is not a decision made lightly, seeing as their titles have previously been crafted using the XNA tools, but they are considering switching to Unity to broaden their base to include the Sony line of consoles and, potentially, the Wii U.

Bill Stiernberg, one of the co-founders of Zeboyd, stated that this stems from “mis-communication” from Microsoft, which appears to have a policy in place that requires indie developers to latch up with a publisher, limiting independent access to the Xbox One’s marketplace.

Source: BeefJack

by Shelby Reiches
06/27/2013 08:00PM


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