The Walking Dead: 400 Days Release Date Revealed

After the explosive success of Telltale Games’ cinematic, adventure-based The Walking Dead, the studio quickly went on to confirm work on a season two to the five-part saga. In the meantime, and to the relief of grief-stricken fans going through emotional withdrawal, good ol’ Telltale has kept players updated on the go-between for the two games: the DLC pack, 400 Days.

E3 2013 offered an overview of the content—a familiarly episodic bundle of five storylines—but failed to give many specifics regarding a potential release schedule. However, a new update has revealed that 400 Days will hit systems this July. This information and more can be found in Telltale’s latest installment in their “Playing Dead” series which chronicles The Walking Dead’s development. The newest episode features developers Sean Ainsworth and Harrison Pink on some of the more subtle aspects of the coming update and should sate even the most desperate of fans.

Then again, I may be woefully underestimating that desperation.

Source: GameInformer 

by Austin Wood
07/01/2013 12:05AM


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